Malak Watson

Malak Watson was born and raised on the big Island of Hawaii in a small town called Puna. He grew up surfing, skateboarding, diving, cliff jumping, singing, and many other extracurricular activities. These hobbies/lifestyles stuck with him and he still loves to sing and skateboard till this day. He is 18 years old and moved to Los Angeles, California when he was thirteen. He came to California to brighten his career of skateboarding, singing, modeling, etc.

One of his first friends he met was at his new middle school in LA. He met Tayvion Power and whose dad was a social media star and taught him the ways of social media influencing in marketing. Slowly but surely he began making videos and content creating over the social media websites such as vine, musically, Instagram, Twitter Ext. After some time, he gained his own following and fan base.

He hopes to put out media merchandise and songs for his fans. As of now, he has over a million supporters put together with social media apps that are influenced upon him. The big move from Hawaii to LA was a Jurassic change but he feel as if it was a change for the better!

It’s time to shine!!

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Malak Watson is a multi-talented Social Media Star and Influencer.

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