Undergo the personal and professional touch that is Mogul Management Group, LLC and experience endless opportunities.

We are a full service management company that represents a range of many different clients. No matter what it is that you do you can benefit from representation. We can provide a premium service or assist you where necessary. Why worry about making deals and negotiating, leave that to us. You have put time, effort, and money into your talent and business. Now let us work for you by bringing only the best offers to the table for your consideration.

The unique and dynamic factor about Mogul Management Group, LLC is that we are a team of people. It is not just one person making decisions, but an entire committee. Let’s face it, if there was a fool proof plan for success than the person that came up with it would be rich. But there is not one, so why not learn from history. One of the most successful companies made decisions by committee. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel…we want to make the wheel better.

Another aspect of our individuality is the fact that we represent such a broad range of talents and businesses, including various artists, producers, writers, a dj, engineer, personal chef, and concierge services. When working with such a diverse group of people, there is a chance for overlap within. This avenue provides more opportunity for success and branding, helping to take your talent and business to the next level.

Mogul Management, LLC goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs of our clients. We specialize in Talent Management, Talent Consulting, Album Production and Marketing, Promotion and Publicity. We have a network of professionals that spans the entertainment industry.

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Our Talent Management services includes, but is not limited to, booking shows, negotiating contracts and fees, and advising on career decisions.
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It is our mission to assist artist in achieving the perfect styling, brand development and securing opportunities that will allow them to enjoy success in the entertainment industry.
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Our team also helps to produce an album that is beyond what a client could dream of. We believe in creating a sound design that will make our clients stand out from all other aspiring artists.

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Our Marketing, Promotion, and Publicity will ensure that our clients have maximum visibility enabling them to  quickly become a household name.