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Myles admits that he has always been a person looking to “shine in front of a camera.” Born and raised in the city of Memphis TN, As a kid Myles developed a passion for music.

Influencers such as his dad, older brother and childhood friend, would have sessions of free-style rapping or sitting in on sessions to watch and learn. Growing up around the best of memphis’ artists such as 3–6 mafia, 8ball and MJG, Issac Hayes,The Bar-Kay’s, Kingpin Skinny Pimp and Tommy Wright III, just to name a few. Taking his southern way of rap to California in the year of 2009, he initially branched out learning new cultural music becoming a writer. Myles spent alot of time working with various producers perfecting his craft along the way. This young and talented artist sets himself for higher grounds working alongside super producer Timothy (Bos) Bullock. Working together these two have created heat during score sessions for featured films as well for the KPop industry.

As of today Myles has released a few singles Babbage, Boss Moves and Michael Jackson from his upcoming EP (Orange Mound Baby) where you will find what it’s like to be apart of what he calls “Yachts World” giving a taste of new trap sounds from the dirty south and taking it globally.

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``Sometimes my peace is more important than proving my point.`` - Myles Yachts

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