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Kai September is an American singer and songwriter. Born in Beaufort, South Carolina, Kai grew up with an undeniable passion for music. At an early age she watched her mom perform, sing, and dance at home. The influence of her mom led Kai to begin a childhood career into modeling and performing. When she was 5 years old, Kai’s mom brought home an upright piano, which she immediately fell in love with. September played the piano everyday and taught herself to play by ear. Her mom began to notice the natural gift that was shining through Kai and immediately signed her up for piano lessons, which Kai continued until middle school. At the age of 7, Kai September began producing and making beats. Her older brother had a recording program, FL Studio, on their home computer which initially Kai thought was some sort of musical video game, immediately drawing her curiosity. Kai played with FL Studio becoming fluent in the program without realizing she was learning one of the biggest recording and producing software in the music industry. In the fifth grade, she started playing viola and piano, then picked up cello and percussion in middle school. Throughout high school, Kai played the snare drum for her school’s marching band, bass guitar and piano for the jazz band, and played cello in the orchestra. Soon she found herself pursuing a music scholarship to Savannah State University and played as the only female on the HBCU drumline her freshman year. Kai produced tracks out of her dorm room, recording herself and booking other students for sessions on campus. One of her songs became a campus hit, elevating her notoriety at the university. During that time she made the decision to turn focus from school to her dream of being the next superstar and began performing at artist showcases all over Georgia.

When the pandemic hit, Kai found herself back home with her mom in Beaufort. She threw herself into writing and recording until she had the idea of opening her own studio, which she did in the summer of 2020. It all was going well until one evening she arrived and found it had been vandalized and all her equipment was destroyed. The event hurt Kai, but her passion and determination outweighed. She then closed her studio and began to create videos of her performing her songs on Tiktok that immediately took off. At this time Kai September has over 650k followers on Tiktok and over 15 million streams across music platforms. Her album “Hole In My Heart” ranked in Apple Music’s R&B top 100 albums for 2 months. She continued on to write for household names such as Chris Brown and also worked with Drake’s OVO . Kai September is currently at work in Atlanta on her 5th album.


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