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Bio MARi Cuban Puerto Rican Singer, songwriter, and fashionista MARi is like any artist on a first name basis in the world- Madonna, Beyoncé, Bowie, Prince, Gaga, Pink, or Cher. Native New Yorker MARi embodies all the makings of a superstar and then some. For starters she is runway ready from the moment she wakes…

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Kai September

Bio Kai September Kai September is an American singer and songwriter. Born in Beaufort, South Carolina, Kai grew up with an undeniable passion for music. At an early age she watched her mom perform, sing, and dance at home. The influence of her mom led Kai to begin a childhood career into modeling and performing.…

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Bio SuZI SuZI was born Susie C Sheard in Chicago Illinois, just hours after her family had attended her great grandmother’s funeral, whom she was named “Susie” after. As it was the end of her great grandmother’s life, it was only the beginning of the life of SuZI. SuZI was raised back and forth between…

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Peter Penn

Bio Peter Penn Peter Penn is a songwriter on a mission to affect change and bring people together through music.  Born and raised in New Orleans, a city where music is intimately interwoven into history and daily life, Peter was naturally exposed to the power of the art form.  In a barren post-Katrina landscape, the…

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