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Myles Yachts

Bio Myles Yachts Myles admits that he has always been a person looking to “shine in front of a camera.” Born and raised in the city of Memphis TN, As a kid Myles developed a passion for music. Influencers such as his dad, older brother and childhood friend, would have sessions of free-style rapping or…

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Artist Profile Mogul-Management-Klondike-Blonde-Gallery-image-8

Klondike Blonde

Bio Klondike Blonde Klondike Blonde was born in Raleigh, NC and went to high school in the bay area of California, thus experiencing two completely different cultures and lifestyles which added uniqueness to her character. She has always had a passion for music, writing songs and poetry since elementary school, although It was not well…

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Artist Profile Dallas Austin 2

Dallas Austin

Bio Dallas Austin Grammy award-winning producer and visionary, Dallas Austin is one of the most sought after producers in the entertainment business. His creativity and innovative style have shaped the sound of today’s Pop and R&B music worldwide, and in recent years have created a presence for Dallas in the film, fashion and nightlife industries.…

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Artist Profile Jazze+Pha+jp

Jazze Pha

Bio Jazze Pha Phalon Alexander, professionally known as Jazze Pha; Super Producer/Singer/Songwriter/ Rapper and DJ was born in Memphis Tennessee. While still a very young boy he and his family relocated to Los Angeles, California where he grew up surrounded by great singers and musicians introduced to him by his mother, Singer/Songwriter Sydne Denece Hudson.…

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